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Do the Simple Things Savagely Well

“Do the simple things savagely well.”

In my experience as a coach, the overwhelming majority of athletes don’t need more complexity or the newest gadget or fad to improve - they need to attack and work toward mastery of the most basic and foundational aspects of athletic performance. I have yet to meet an athlete who doesn’t need to work to improve in at least one of the following areas:

- Day in & day out attitude, intention, and effort. Actively seeking out opportunities to cultivate mindset and mental toughness.

- Following a high quality, progressive and focused training program with relentless consistency.

- Dialed in sleep & nutrition.

Simple ain’t easy, but easy doesn’t build great athletes. Doing these simple things savagely well is the bricklaying for athletic success, and expanding upon one’s mastery in each area should be viewed as a constant, career long effort.

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