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I'm Abby Heffern, owner and head coach at Wild Dog Athletics. I have a diverse and unique background in athletics - growing up, I rode horses competitively (show jumping) and ran track and field/XC. After moving on from those sports, I continued running - first dabbling in local road races - and eventually working my way up to the ultramarathon. I currently compete in trail ultramarathons all around the country. I've also competed in Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting, and have recently started swimming competitively with a local masters team. 

I started Wild Dog Athletics in 2020 with the hope of giving to others what decades in competitive sports gave me - a firm belief that we are all capable of surpassing our falsely perceived limits and breaking down our self-built barriers - especially with the right support, encouragement, and guidance. Whether your goals are recreational or competitive, movement and sport has the potential to change anyone's life - opening up a world of possibility both physically and mentally. 

I hope to be a part of your journey to discovering your true potential!

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