The Wild Dog Pod

Hosted by Abby Heffern; ultrarunner, weightlifter, powerlifter, swimmer, and coach/owner of Wild Dog Athletics, The Wild Dog Pod serves to inspire through story sharing. Our roots are in athletics, but we hope to bring you guests from a variety of backgrounds with a diverse range of experiences. We hope that each episode will offer you nuggets of inspiration, new ideas and perspectives, and maybe even send you down a path you never knew existed. 

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Episode 5

Take Up Space: Bruna Vailant's Journey From Gymnast to Powerlifter

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Episode 3

Kat Blondino's Journey to Becoming a Weightlifting Coach and Building Her Ideal Life

Episode 4

From Olympic Trials to CrossFit Regionals: Whitney Stephenson’s Story of Perseverance, Resilience, and Growth


Episode 2

Ana Maria Moyano Creates Beauty From Hardship: Her Path to Healing and Her Career as a Trauma Therapist

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Episode 1

Mario Ciccarello's Journey Through Recovery, Obstacle Course Racing, and Ultrarunning
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