• Abby Heffern

Mantras for the Pain Cave

What do you say to yourself when things get tough and you enter the PAIN CAVE?

Whether it's an ultramarathon, lifting session, or CrossFit workout- it's important to know what to say to yourself to keep the bus moving when the wheels start to fall off. Here's a few of my PAIN CAVE MANTRAS:

  1. PAIN IS JUST A SENSATION: And like all sensations, it's temporary. It will pass. Most of our lives are spent being comfortable. Endure this small sliver of temporary discomfort now to reap the mental and physical benefits later.

  2. THIS IS WHAT I CAME FOR: Do any of us run, lift, or CrossFit because we think it's going to be pain-free or go perfectly all the time? I know I do most of what I do FOR the pain, the challenge, the struggle- since that's when we are truly put to the test. So when pain arrives, I open the door and ask it to come right in- I've been waiting for this moment to find out what I've got.

  3. I AM THE CALM IN THE CHAOS: I can't control when the pain arrives or how intense it will be, but I can control my response. Panic will make any situation 10x worse. Instead of focusing on what's going wrong, I focus on what I can control- which is staying calm no matter what.

Let us know in the comments what your pain cave mantras are!

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