• Abby Heffern

Lift With Confidence

For the longest time, I was scared to go to the gym at my college and go anywhere near the barbells or the racks. I was only running at the time, had never touched a barbell- but wanted to feel strong and incorporate some strength training into my only cardio routine. I would go to the gym, get too scared and self conscious to move out of my one area by the dumbbells and kettlebells, not really do anything, and left feeling silly and weak.


You are not silly. You are not weak. You just need to figure out what is making you feel so self conscious. For me- it was not knowing what I was doing. I didn’t have a coach at the time and I had never been on a strength program. I went into the gym not knowing if I was doing the right combinations of exercises or if my form was correct. I figured I probably was doing everything wrong, looked like an idiot, and everyone was going to judge me and know I didn’t belong there.

I was able to confidently walk into public gyms when I finally got a strength coach and was on a program. It was the piece that allowed me to know exactly what I had to get done each day and that I was moving correctly. With a good program and a good coach who took me seriously despite being a long, lanky runner who was a complete barbell newbie, I no longer felt like an idiot or that I didn’t belong. I was able to actually focus on getting strong, and left each day FEELING strong.

I have a feeling that a lot of people, especially women, don’t realize how much they could accomplish with just a little guidance. There is so much to be gained in confidence and strength when you’ve got someone in your corner.

Find a friend who knows what they’re doing. Find a coach (hi, me, I’m that coach). Start with some sort of online beginner program. Whatever it is don’t count yourself out of ever feeling confident enough in the gym, when all it might take is just a little bit of help from someone else.

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