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Helpful Cues to Prevent Jumping Forward in the Snatch

Do you find yourself jumping forward in the snatch? Yeah, I've been there.

When I first started lifting I had a really tough time figuring out how NOT to jump forward, and it's still one of my bad habits that will sometimes show up when the weights get heavier. There are A LOT of reasons why someone jumps forward to catch a snatch- but these are the two problems I find most commonly lead to jumping forward, and the cues that I've found help myself and my athletes the best. It's nowhere near an exhaustive list but one of them might work for you!

  1. Sending the Hips Forward Too Early:

Often in anticipation for the lift, an athlete will start sending their hips forward when the

bar has barely made it past the knee. This causes the athlete to reach full extension

before the bar has had time to travel up into the hips, and will cause the bar to instead

bounce out and away off the top of their thigh- forcing the athlete to jump forward

in the catch. Some cues I've found to be helpful center around keeping the athlete

over the bar and giving the bar time to travel up and into hip contact-

"Stay over"

"Stay back"

"Be patient"

2. Thrusting the Hips Out to Meet the Bar:

For most this is a conceptual error- they think that hip extension = hips moving

forward to meet the bar. I use the cues "brush up"and "bar back" as a reminder that

while the hips will move forward to some degree, the bar should be moving up and

back at the same time so that they meet vertically in the middle. I use the cue

"vertical drive" to remind lifters that the lift is based off their ability to drive the bar

up with their legs, not out and around with their hips. We want to be a pencil,

not a banana.

We would love for you to reach out to us and let us know if any of these cues worked for you!

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