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"Abby is a very passionate, knowledgeable, and personable trainer. As a marathon runner with a demanding job, I find it difficult to find the time for training. Abby created a personalized training program that I was able to do despite my schedule, and I just ran my first ultramarathon (50k) in roughly 2.5 years. I now feel confident that I will be able to accomplish my long term goal of running 100 miles."


"Training with Abby at Wild Dog Athletics has helped me hit my goals. I started training here with the goal of losing weight. A year and a half later, my focus changed to getting strong and being able to keep myself fit. Abby is always willing to help me adapt my programming to what I need. She has excellent knowledge and a positive attitude and practices what she is teaching her clients. I couldn't be happier to be a work out here. I'm so glad I found Wild Dog Athletics!"


"Abby, the owner of Wild Dog Athletics, is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is a great workout programmer based on your own needs and sport. Abby also is very enthusiastic, upbeat, encouraging, and caring. Definitely the gym to go to for personal training." 


"Abby surpassed all expectations! I needed help putting together workouts that I can do anywhere I travel with minimal or no weights. I needed to add core strength for an upcoming motocross race and she did her homework.
She was prepared, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and fully understood my goals. The training sessions were informative, fun and hard enough to get a good sweat going but didn't leave me sore for a week. I went racing in the best shape I been in in many years, and felt great afterwards!"


"OMG my life has changed so much since I started going to Wild Dog Athletics. Abby is amazing, so knowledgeable, so dedicated and cares about you so much. I am always so excited to go and feel happier than ever before. I recommend Abby and Wild Dog Athletics 100%, you will be hooked!!!"


"Abby listens to her clients but also pushes them. I had a few injuries I was nursing when I started training with Abby a year ago. She laid off those areas in intense workouts but focused on strengthening them in the strength programming. I now have no pain or injuries and can workout to my full potential and build. You spend a lot of time with a trainer. Although you aren’t there to get to know each other personally, Abby is easy to talk to and opens up about her life as well as listens to you. Just one of those great intangible things you don’t look for in a trainer but is great to have!"


"I have been working with Abby for over a year now and I have seen tremendous results, her coaching one on one is very thorough and she will help you reach the goals you’re working towards! I highly recommend you work with her, I know I am very satisfied."


"I started training with Abby because I wanted start weightlifting as well as create a training program for my busy schedule. With some old injuries, correct form has always been important to me and something that has kept me from working towards my goals in the past. Right from the start, the focus of my sessions was stabilization, core strength, and learning compound movements, before adding too much weight. Abby created a sustainable, personalized program that matched and pushed my goals. After only two months of training with Abby, I feel strong and confident in my training sessions as well as in my day to day life. I always feel challenged, supported, and excited for my next workout. I 100% recommend Abby and Wild Dog Athletics."


"Working with Abby for the past 8 months has been nothing short of inspiring and rewarding. I turned to distance running after being a competitive powerlifter. I was by no means a runner and I always knew at some point I wanted to get more involved with endurance sports. I had known Abby beforehand and saw how passionate she was about running. I knew we would be a good fit for each other and I was not disappointed. She cares, she is passionate, and she is receptive. She will go above and beyond to ensure you reach the goals you have set for yourself. She always has a positive attitude and revels in your accomplishments just as you would."


"Abby is a highly skilled professional oly & weightlifting coach in the S FL area. As a professional athlete, it is essential that my cross-training is at an elite level. In the past six months Abby has helped me hit my goals in conditioning, weightlifting, olympic lifting and CrossFit skills. I highly recommend becoming a Wild Dog!"


"I’ve been working with Abby at Wild Dog Athletics for almost 3 months now and the results have been outstanding. I used to run back in high school and in college, but took a break for a few years and had the hardest time getting back up. Abby constructed the perfect plan for me to follow to get back up and supported me the whole time. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. Take my word for it and join the Wild Dog pack."


“I've known and worked with Abby for quite awhile now and I can honestly say you'll never meet a more loyal or ambitious individual. Her passion for athletics comes out in her coaching style. She collaborates with each athlete to ensure they're getting programming that they not only enjoy but will make them better as well. She consistently advocates for improving health in more than one fitness modality, which resonates with me. A coach who is able to zoom out and take into consideration what is truly best for that athlete based on everything else happening in their lives is a solid coach. A coach who continues to read, learn, and educate themselves to best help their athletes, regardless of what that might look like is a solid coach. Abby is a solid coach. If you want to elevate your fitness, your strength, your health - Abby is your coach.”



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